Some of the services at our Aluminum Foundry:

aluminum melting, aluminum alloy melting and aluminum casting

Fonderie Fondalco offers a highly efficient aluminum melting service, ensuring its customers the production of quality high-grade aluminum parts, which are more than competitively priced. Certified ISO 9001:2000, our aluminum foundry ensures its customers consistent quality and superior service in the realization of its aluminum melting projects.

The foundry service team, composed of eight competent and autonomous moulders, relies on cutting-edge equipment for moulding parts. This equipment allows the team in our aluminum foundry to respond quickly and efficiently to the requests and demands of the customers, and more particularly so in the field aluminum melting.

The equipment used by our aluminum foundry is the following:
  • 2 induction furnaces for melting down aluminum alloy 356.1
  • 1 natural gas furnace for various aluminum alloys
  • 2 induction furnaces for other alloys, such as bronze or brass
  • 3 moulding machines (squeezers)
  • 1 moulding machine (rotolift)
  • 1 core sand mixer
  • 1 Shell core machine, allowing the manufacture of cores which are baked in moulds

Different techniques are used by the foundry in the production of aluminum plates and parts made of bronze. Green-sand casting is used for current parts while resin sand allows the production of a single casted part or highly complex parts.

Our aluminum foundry also manufactures CO2 cores and shell cores for casting aluminum and bronze.

Whatever the need or request, Fonderie Fondalco ensures that the requirements of the customer are surpassed in the field of cast aluminum, while respecting the standards of quality and by employing moulders who are competent, autonomous and concerned with customer satisfaction.

To provide a professional service of aluminum smelting, aluminum casting and quality parts at competitive prices are the goals of the Fonderie Fondalco.

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